The wedding has been canceled when the first wife and bride get into a nasty fight over the man [video].

After the first wife got into a fight with the celebrants, an Awure planned to welcome a second wife into her matrimonial home was thrown into disarray. 

During the wedding, the first wife, according to sources, attempted to remind the bride of her position in their husband's life. 

She is said to have sat on the groom's laps, which he removed out of respect for the bride's family. 

The event is thought to have infuriated the wife, who retaliated by attacking the bride. The Amarya retaliated with a slap. 

Guests battled to keep the two wives and their husbands apart, which resulted in a nasty brawl.

In some videos from the event, the first wife seized the groom by his collar despite repeated requests to let go. 

The wedding ceremony, according to sources, was a fiasco. The first wife is the only one who is officially married at the moment.

Watch The Video Below:


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