To make ends meet, commercial drivers are buying fuel on credit.

Ghana's economy is continuing to deteriorate, forcing individuals to call on the government to take action, notably in the areas of taxes and commodities, which are increasing on a daily basis. 

Fuel prices are another issue that the country is struggling with; according to a report by the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers (COPEC), as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, fuel prices are continuing to rise. 

Fuel prices in foreign markets are expensive, and the currency's depreciation versus the cedi, which has entirely devalued against the dollar, is another difficulty.

According to a photo spreading on social media, commercial truckers may no longer be able to pay for gasoline and must instead purchase it on credit. The price of fuel was Ghc8.6 before Wednesday. Ghc10.80 is the current value. 

The drivers' union has also announced in the news that they will be boosting transportation fares very soon due to the current state of the gasoline price, which continues to climb without showing any signs of dropping.

Source: Africawish

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