UK-based Nigerian man passes out after taking local based alcohol for the first time [Video]

 After being knocked unconscious by Nigerian wine while on holiday in the country, a young Nigerian man living in the UK gave his friends the final laugh. 

The young man had been bragging about being a guru when it came to hanging out and drinking, but his lick had run out on the day he took a local based alcohol, according to the caption in the video. 

According to his classmates, he had never tasted alcohol brewed in Nigeria because he had only consumed those in the United Kingdom with a low alcohol content.

They forced him to drink a glass of the local based drink as they walked out, but the young man, whose system isn't efficient enough to withstand high intake, collapsed and passed out. 

He was mocked, and he is shown in the video being fanned while lying helpless in the middle of a mob.

Watch The Video Below: 


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