Video of Ukrainians feeding a captured Russian soldier pops up

On social media, a video has surfaced showing a captured Russian soldier being fed by Ukrainians and making a video call to his mother. 

A video posted to social media by a Moscow street reporter on Wednesday has gone viral. 

A young man dressed in military fatigues was observed enjoying a beverage and eating a pastry, while a woman stood in front of him, holding out a phone, evidently waiting for a video call to connect. 

After the connection is connected, the woman on the other end of the line speaks Russian to a caller named Natasha, informing her that "everything is OK." 

When the young soldier sees the other person on the line, he appears to break down.

Per media reports, the city of Kherson in Ukraine has been taken by Russian troops and at least 2,000 civilians have lost their lives after six days into Russia’s invasion.

Source: Riddimsghana 

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