Where Is Ra'Nell, the Legendary 'Top Boy' Character? a’Nell?


Top Boy made its long-awaited comeback to Netflix this week, as you're probably aware, and Twitter hasn't said much else. It finished on a gigantic, jaw-dropping cliffhanger, as it did with pretty much every season, but there was another major talking point, one that hasn't gone away since the show originally aired on Netflix in 2019: where is Ra'Nell?

Ra'Nell, played by Malcolm Kamulete, was the show's breakout star during its first two seasons on Channel 4, and it was via him that we were introduced to the world of Summerhouse and its inhabitants.

Indeed, it was via Ra'Nell's that we first met Dushane and Sully, and it is through his mother Lisa that we witness much of the societal neglect and gentrification that threatens the estate.

When the series was released on Netflix, however, Kamulete was noticeably gone. Naturally, rumors abounded on the internet (did Ra'Nell grow up to be Modie? Did he follow in Leon's footsteps and work as a social worker? Or is he planning a comeback to exact vengeance on Sully and Dushane?). Ashley Walters and Kano sat down with Robert Bruce for his Capital Xtra show this week to put all of that to rest, and we finally received anything resembling an explanation (from 17.05).

Although Walters does not go into great depth, he does say that they approached Kamulete about returning, but he declined because he wanted to pursue a football career.

"Look, the fact is that a lot of individuals who have never acted before have come into the show and then said, 'Nah, I don't want to act anymore.' 'It's not what I was hoping for,' Walters remarked. "Many of the original cast members, such as Malcolm (Ra'Nell), wanted to play football. 'No, it's not for me,' he said. 'I'm going to do whatever it takes.'


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