50 Cent Calls Starz's Episode 9 Leak "Incompetent" in "Power Book IV: Force"

Force is Book IV in the Power Series. Before the end of Season 1, there are just two episodes left. Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) is settling into his new surroundings in Chicago. In the Windy City, however, he's already made some enemies. 

He's at odds with the Chicago Brothers Incorporated (CBI), which is led by Diamond (Issac Keys) and Jenard (Issac Keys) (Kris D. Lofton). He's also causing problems for the Flynn family, which is led by Irish mobster Walter Flynn (Tommy Flanagan). 
Starz says Episode 9 has leaked ahead of the season finale, and executive producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson is chastising Starz for it. 
Episode 9 of "Power Book IV: Force" has been leaked. 
The penultimate episode of Force's first season, "Trust," has been leaked. On Sunday, April 10, 2022, the episode is set to air. According to 50 Cent, it has somehow made it to the airwaves ahead of its scheduled release. "Vic experiences a catastrophic loss," reads the official Starz synopsis of the episode. Walter is prepared to go to war and has dispatched a force of big hitters. Tommy quickly realizes he requires more authority, but when one of his closest pals refuses, he is forced to resort to an unlikely source.
Fans were ecstatic to see Tommy expand out into the Power Universe on his own, but it took a while for the Force to find its footing. An episode leak is certainly the last thing anyone at the network would have wanted now that it's happened. 
It has infuriated 50 Cent to no end. 
Starz has been termed negligent by 50 Cent as a result of the leak. 
There is currently no information on why or how Force Episode 9 was released. This, however, isn't the first time something like this has occurred. Another of the executive producer's shows had an episode leaked ahead of time. It infuriated 50 Cent even more because he directed the episode and Eminem appeared in it. 
Force episode 109 has been leaked, and 50 Cent is dealing with it right now. He screenshotted multiple tweets on Instagram, not only announcing the leak but also revealing important story details and spoilers from the episode. Someone leaked Episode 9 of Force, and I'm telling you, this is the best episode of this season," a Twitter user wrote. If you have STARZ, you can watch Power Force episode 9. " Another tweet encapsulated the entire plot of the program. 
"See they leaked the show again. These folks are incompetent," 50 Cent added in his tweet. What the f*** did I go to Harvard for? SMH. " 
Episode 9 does not appear to be available on the Starz app at this time, although it is evident that some people were able to watch it ahead of time.

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