A gold-plated Rolls Royce Phantom has been sighted being used as a taxi [Video]

A video of a Rolls Royce Phantom turned into a taxi for commercial purposes has startled social media users — it's an unusual sight to see. 

The pricey luxury vehicle, which is mostly owned by the wealthy, was observed on the streets of India chauffeuring regular residents. 

The car, which starts at GHC3.4 million ($460,000), is plated in gold, giving it a distinctive appearance wherever it is seen. 

What most people would consider a high-priced item destined for VIP gatherings or special outings was disguised as something of lower value. 

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, a Ghanaian business magnate, bought a black 2019 Rolls Royce Phantom VIII just weeks after it was released. 

The car was embossed with a customised number plate D-2 19. Photos of the whip spotted online showed the car embossed with a customised number plate D-2 19. 

At the time, the car was valued at GHC2.4 million at a cost of $460,000. However, due to the cedi's devaluation, it is now worth GHC3.4 million after three years. 

For a wealthy man like Dr. Despite, seeing one of his prized autos converted into a cab is an insult. 

Some wealthy people perceive what he considers a valuable possession to be less value.


Source: Ghpage.com

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