A man confesses 20 years after stealing his cousin's UK visa days before his trip.

A woman has revealed on the internet how a relative deviously hindered his own cousin from departing on a trip to continue his studies two decades ago, despite having secured his visa. 

His visa unexpectedly vanished a few days before he was to fly outside. Years later, it was revealed, according to the lady known on Twitter as Itohan, that the man's cousin stole the visa out of envy. 

He shockingly said that he was the one who stole the visa out of jealousy after 20 years. 

Itohan told the story in response to another man's tweet about how he guarded his visa with his life after receiving it. 

"His paranoia may appear amusing, but my uncle's visa was varnished a few days before he was to travel to the United Kingdom for school, and that was the end of his dream!" she says. The thief, his cousin at the time, who was jealous, confessed 20 years later!!! #TrueStory” 

Look at the reactions. said @absolute ola The third of the 48 laws of power is to keep your intentions hidden. People can't attack something they don't understand. 

@Veekeey7; This is why most people keep their japa plans a secret... Believe me when I say that some people are downright evil. 

@Francis Ekha; When I acquire a visa for a country, I don't notify anyone until I either enter the country or return from the trip, even if it's only for a two-week event or conference. We are fighting principalities in high places, not flesh and blood. 

@chrixs____; Omo, I stayed in Nigeria for three months after my visa was issued, and I'd always get up in the middle of the night to check on my passport. The paranoia was unmistakable.

Source: GhBase.com

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