A man recounts how a sakawa child 'blew' over 165,000 in a month without providing his mother, who sells akara, a single pesewa.

A story of an internet fraudster known as sakawa (Ghana) or yahoo boy (Nigeria) who spent a large quantity of money in a short period of time without leaving a dollar to her needy mother has gone viral. 

According to the narrator, the anonymous fraudster received N9 million (about $165,000) from one of his clients and completed the transaction in one month without even assisting his mother. 

Within a month, he allegedly wasted the money at a hotel while neglecting his mother, who sells akara. 

"I know a yahoo lad who cashed out 9 million naira, left his mum who sells akara to squander the money in one month in a hotel," tweeted @greatmvn. 

He didn't give his mother anything, and he even begged his sister for N100 to pay for transportation back home, as if he was from the village. Yes, it's not a legitimate business, but how can you blow a chance like that?"

Source: Ghbase.com

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