A Nigerian millionaire has disowned his seven children and barred them from visiting his assets.

Netizens have been shocked after learning that a wealthy man has purportedly barred his children from accessing his possessions whether he is alive or dead. 

Chief Rufus Abadi Osiri has been named as the individual who made the reckless choice. According to the allegation, he has disowned his seven children and has barred them from accessing or utilizing any of his possessions. 

He gave the command in an open letter, which Joe Igbokwe reshared on Facebook on Thursday, April 7th. 

"I, Chief Rufus Abadi Osiri, have drawn your notice to the underground, subversive, predatory, and unwholesome activities of my children whose names are stated above to dispose of my property in Yenagoa, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja, and other places in Nigeria." 

That I trained them from Primary to University level and went above and above to create an enabling atmosphere for them to get off to a flying start in life by providing each of them with nice housing and a car. 

They are adults between the ages of 27 and 40, capable of fending for themselves, having built an enabling environment that serves as a stepping stone for them to begin life on a solid foundation. That is a heinous step they have taken. 

To prevent additional incursions from my raiding offspring and to safeguard the property, I have instructed my lawyer to draft a Will that prevents them from receiving any of my assets. 

As a result, I hereby prohibit them from accessing, using, or coming anywhere near any of my properties. 

My declaration is hereby attested to by this publication. 

Any effort to do otherwise will be considered criminal trespass and will result in severe penalties. 

Be cautious. 


"Rufus Abadi Osiri, Chief."

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