A thief shows how he got entry to a locked house.( Always Make Sure That All The Gate Way To Your House Is Locked Perfectly Before Leaving Or Going To Sleep)

 A criminal who clearly has a PhD in stealing has revealed how he used spider man skills to break into a residence that was completely locked up. 

A video of the performance has gone viral, leaving many netizens in awe at how he was able to fit himself into such a little burglar-proof space. 

This infamous thief appears to have mastered the knack of breaking into any house he targets, regardless of how guarded it is. 

Below are some of the comments that have been gathered in response to the video: 

Chiomy Dollars (@Chiomy Dollars) — How much are you willing to go through all of this stress for?, my God! 

Mercyduakole (@Mercyduakole) — God will reveal the thief who stole my generator parts, battery, and other items. Someone was orchestrating my tears in this difficult time as I struggled to firm up and put everything in order in my business. When it happened, I couldn't think straight and went completely blank? I've forgiven him and prayed for him to be saved. It's excellent. 

@Osasis Khalif – @Osasis Khalif – @Osasis_ This person might be able to sneak into heaven.


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