A Ugandan sets a new record when he kills a lion with his bare hands.

After defeating a lion with his own hands, a Ugandan man has etched his name into the record books. 

The man single-handedly killed the wild monster that showed up before his house in CMS, Iganga, in a Biblical Samson-like episode that purportedly occurred in the Iganga district of Uganda. 

Despite the fact that he killed the lion by overpowering it, he was injured in many ways. @Rickykagino96, a Twitter user, uploaded photographs of both the dead Lion and the gravely injured guy. 

"A man from CMS l ganga district in eastern Uganda is nursing wounds after fighting and killing a lion he encountered near his home," he wrote. 

In other developments, a guy departing Nigeria's shores decided it would be a good idea to remind his 'village folks' that he had finally made it because they couldn't stop him from going abroad to better his life.

Source: Ghbase.com 

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