A week before their wedding, a man was murdered in front of his fiancee.

 Chukwu is a young Nigerian man who was tragically assassinated just days before his wedding. 

Chukwu was shot dead by armed men in Abakaliki on Monday, April 11, in front of his fiancee, Favour Chioma Nworie, according to sources. 

Ochudo, as he is fondly known, is from the Ikwo Local Government Area of the state. 

Chukwu's traditional wedding was supposed to take place on April 21 at his fiancee's father's compound in Ikwo, followed by a church wedding on April 23, but the terror has thwarted those plans. 

According to a relative who quoted his girlfriend, Chukwu was shot late at night after shutting one of his shops and walking to his car. 

The incident occurred around 9 p.m., according to the wife, as they were about to exit their vehicle after closing their shop. 

"He runs a shop at International Market where he sells supplies. He also runs a restaurant on Chukwuma Ofeke Street in Abakaliki." 

"Some boys approached them, first shooting into the air, then ordering the man to lie down and shooting him three times, then taking the wife's phone and fleeing," the source claimed. 

Egbo Grace, the late businessman's old classmate, said he came to her office the day he was killed to check his wedding schedule. 

“Chai!! What a horrible world we live in?? When I asked you what the happiness was all about when you came to proofread your upcoming wedding program and jotter in my office yesterday, you didn't say anything but kept smiling, but I didn't realize it would be your last joyful time with me."

"You promised to come back today and give us part of the money so that we can start producing the job because your wedding is in nine days, but late last night, I received a call from one of your friends saying that someone shot you in your shop and you're no longer alive; I didn't believe it until your wife called me at 5:00 a.m. to inform me of your death." 

"Even when we were in elementary and secondary school, you were a laid-back and cheery person, and I never saw you get into a fight with anyone." Chai! Your death broke my heart to the core. God is the most knowledgeable. Isaac, I bid you farewell. Goodbye, Ochudo. My classmate, may you rest in peace."

The motivation behind his killing and who might have wanted him dead remains a mystery.

Source: Ghpage.com

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