A young lady was found deceased in a hotel


A young lady was found deceased in a hotel in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. 

Ms Esther Isaac Asuquo, who was 21 years old at the time of her death, has been identified. According to reports, Esther stayed in Room 901 at the Agete Hotel in the Gwarinpa sector of the FCT on February 25, 2022. 

Her body was discovered in the hotel room on a blood-soaked bedsheet, according to Delta-born activist Harrison Gwamnishu, and her brother, Emmanuel, has accused the hotel management and police of a cover-up.

According to IGBO TV, Emmanuel, her sole living family since their parents died years ago, accused the police of pressuring him to drop the case after he traveled to Abuja to inquire about his sister's death. 

He stated the cops informed him his sister died a shameful death and advised him to bury her quietly. 

He also accused the Agete Hotel of withholding CCTV video. They said the CCTV was broken on the day of the incident, he said. He demanded justice for his sister and said he wanted answers from the hotel, but all he's gotten so far is that his sister entered the hotel with someone.

Source: Ghbase.com

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