According to reports, a female Legon student ordered $1,400 worth of food from Bolt Food and expected the guy who invited her out to pay.

An unusual story about the 'yawa' that most ladies perform in relationships has been published on the internet, reinforcing the cliche that 'ladies bring nothing to the table but their punani.' 

His pal had been conversing with this lady, according to a tweep, until she abruptly texted him one day to say she was hungry. 

The guy then requested her to purchase a lunch from Bolt Food, which she did, much to his surprise, for a total of $1,400. 

"Says the narrator," he says. 

"So, on the Legon campus, my friend was talking to this girl. She called him two weeks later, saying she was starving. My guy instructed her to prepare bolt food, and when the rider arrives, she should send the bill, which he should pay. Could you image the girl spending 1400gh on groceries? My friend turned off his phone. 

This female started calling anybody who was close to him in an attempt to persuade him to pay his expenses. Friends at the hostel said she came in with a load of food and bought cake and ice cream. She was eventually able to contact my pal. He simply asked her one question: "WOULD YOU ORDER FOOD 1400gh IF IT WAS YOUR MONEY?"


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