At a Ghanaian cemetery, a man rides the rollercoaster on a spinning tomb [Video].

In a video, a guy can be seen enjoying the smooth ride on a spinning tomb at a Ghanaian cemetery, where he and his buddies had gone to bury a deceased comrade. 

Ghanaians have a strong desire to beautify the dead and everything associated with them, including coffins, funeral procession, and the latest craze, a rotating tomb, which many people have likely never seen before.

The man who most likely saw the spinning tomb for the first time decided to forget about his sorrows and have a good time by sitting on it and having his pals spin for him.

He was riding the smooth rollercoaster on the tomb while conversing with his pals, who were also recording and laughing. 

His companions assisted him in bringing the spinning tomb to a halt after he had enjoyed the ride for a while.


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