Feeding babies with ‘mmore koko’ get them drunk” – GHS to mothers

The Ghana Education Service has advised moms not to give their babies locally cooked maize pudding called as'mmore koko.' 

Mothers have been warned not to offer just this porridge; if they do, they will not need to ferment the maize, and the pudding will need to be fortified in the future. 

Faustina Vimariba Tour, Greater Accra Regional Nutritional Officer, GHS, briefed starrfm.com.gh on the sidelines of a media workshop for journalists organized by UNICEF. 

"...some people will only provide 'Mori Koko,' and sometimes they over ferment the 'Mori Koko,' which is the maize porridge, and it becomes alcohol," Madam Tour explained. 

"So, when you feed the child with it, the child gets drunk because it is the alcohol you have given to the child, and when the child sleeps, the child misses the amount of times that they're supposed to feed." 

In response to the question of whether there has been any research to prove any long-term impacts of this technique on children, she stated: 

"We can't really tell what the alcohol concentration is." However, alcohol is not helpful for a child's brain development, thus it has some side effects. If they like it, it should be reinforced by adding other ingredients to make it richer. It can be fortified with groundnut paste, soya, and other ingredients. 

It should also not be too light, but rather thick and child-friendly. "Three to four spoons should suffice."

Source: Ghpage.com

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