For failing to cook a Ramadan meal, a man brutally beats his pregnant wife.

The brutality of domestic violence was once again highlighted after a Muslim man in Nigeria thrashed his pregnant wife after she failed to prepare his dinner on time to break his fast. 

The terrible occurrence was confirmed by the Oyo State Police Public Relations Officer, who stated that it occurred on Tuesday morning at Ogbere Housing Estate in Ibadan. 

Taofeek Gbolagade, the perpetrator, has been identified and is currently being held in police custody for further investigation. 

"This man always beats his wife over any little mistake they have," a source told the media about the event. I was able to capture today's occurrence on video. Because he is a Muslim, I believe they had a disagreement on Sahur.

 This man was unconcerned about the fact that she was pregnant with his second child and began pouncing on her. She cried for hours before being able to escape to her parents' home. After being declared sought by security personnel, Gbolagade flew out of his house."


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