For their church wedding, the couple makes history by dressing casually in black and white (Photos)

In terms of their wedding attire, a Nigerian couple defied tradition by opting for what they thought comfortable and appropriate. 

The man and his newlywed wife wore basic white and black outfits, respectively, and held a simple ceremony, which the woman documented on her Twitter account. 

Her hubby was dressed in an all-white shirt and trousers, while she was dressed in a silk black gown that highlighted her flawless beauty. 

The lady wrote, "I'm sharing photographs.


In other news, a young Nigerian boy has gained the internet's focus after he spent his birthday money on a brand new car for his fiancée. 

The gentleman, who is claimed to be 20 years old, added a touch of romance to the revealing of the car gift to his lady in a related video uploaded on Instagram to this effect. 

He blindfolded her and led her to the Mercedes Benz GLK 350 whip, where his friends began raining money on her when she was finally forced to see the automobile. 

The film has sparked debate on the internet, and we assume you'll share your thoughts in the comments section of our facebook page.


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