fraud boy murders his girlfriend and sleeps with her dead body for six good days-Read Details

Ifeanyi Njoku, a man from Badore community in Lagos State's Ajah region, has been arrested for allegedly murdering his girlfriend, Precious Okeke, 24. 

PUNCH According to reports, the live-in lovers stayed on Oke Street, where Njoku is accused of killing his girlfriend for ceremonial purposes. 

According to our informant, the suspect was accompanied by a native doctor who advised him to sleep with Okeke's corpse. The stink from Njoku's residence caused his neighbors to alert the estate's management. For six days, Njoku was believed to have been having illicit relations with the body. 

The decomposing body of Okeke was discovered during a search of the flat, according to Elizabeth John. 

"About six days ago, the boy murdered his girlfriend, and he admitted that he intended to use her for money rituals," she said. He said that he was given seven days to have sex with his girlfriend's corpse, but that he was caught on the sixth day. Today is supposed to be day seven (Monday). 

"Neighbors and other tenants of the compound were bothered by the stench of the deceased." So they contacted the estate chairman for help in clarifying what was going on in the flat, and when investigating the apartment, they discovered the girl's body. 

During investigation, the adolescent was captured and sent to the Lamgbasa Police Station, where he confessed to killing his girlfriend six days before. 

"We discovered that the boy had pledged N6 million to remedy the problem, and that he was accompanied by his village girlfriend, who had recently come into the estate." 

State Police Public Relations Officer Benjamin Hundeyin confirmed the event and stated that the victim and the suspect were lovers. 

"We have captured two suspects, 36-year-olds Ifeanyi Njoku and Mbam Atunmufor," he said. They have been turned over to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Yaba, where they will be further probed. "Njoku was the one who rented it." 


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