Germany accuses an ex-reservist of spying for Russia.

 A former Bundeswehr reserve officer has been accused with transmitting material to Russian intelligence agents, including documents relating to the Nord Stream 2 project between Russia and Germany.

A former military reservist has been accused with espionage for Russian intelligence by Germany's federal prosecutor's office.

According to the accusation, the man's name was changed to Ralph G. to comply with German privacy rules, and he had been in communication with Russian agents from October 2014 until March 2020.

"The accused is adequately suspected of working for a foreign intelligence service against the Federal Republic of Germany and a NATO state party," the statement read.


What we know about the alleged criminal

Ralph G. was a reserve officer in Germany's armed forces and the deputy commander of a district liaison command, according to the indictment. Due to his civilian professional position, the accused was also a member of a number of bodies concerned in Germany's economy.

He shared papers and information with Russian agents "on several occasions" over a period of years, according to the indictment. He is suspected of doing so in exchange for invitations to Kremlin-sponsored events.

Prosecutors claim the defendants communicated knowledge regarding the Bundeswehr reserve system in the context of civil-military cooperation and "civil defense." Ralph G. is also suspected of handing over the personal information and contact information of high-ranking Bundeswehr officers to Russian intelligence agents.

He is also accused of providing economic insights into the effects of Russia's 2014 economic sanctions. He allegedly transmitted documents relating to the now-defunct Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.


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