Ghanaian ‘Borga’ who arrived in the country for Easter dies with his father in an accident a day after his mother died


People on social media have been in mourning for a short time because of a sad story about a Ghanaian man who died soon after he arrived in a country for the holiday season. 

In the story that was tweeted, a young man was on his way to the hospital to see his mother die when his car hit a fire truck. 

The tweep who broke the bad news wrote: 

We know some people who were in town for Easter. His mother died at the hospital yesterday. He went to see the body with his father and pay for it. This is what he did. There was an accident with a fire truck on the way home. It had an emergency and was going too fast to get there, so they had to stop. Dead”

See sad reactions;

@thxnine – Some “Jesus” I shout for here as I read finish eh! Herh! 💔

@Bill83588064 – Oh Charlie my Augusco mate Frank Really sad since yesterday when I got the news RIP Bro

@eugeneplastik – It happened right Infront of me yesterday at around at the interbeton traffic light. Just heard he passed on. The speed of the fire thunder was something else. Sad

@AMLJYAP – 😮 may They Rest In Peace.


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