I just found out my 5-year-old husband is gay — pregnant woman cries

A sad wife has resorted to social media to express her grief over her husband's newest disclosure, which has left her emotionally scarred for life. 

They have been happily married for five years, according to this woman, and her husband has always been a loving and caring spouse. He is about seven months pregnant with her, and they are both excitedly anticipating the birth of their first child. 

Her dreadful moment came, however, when she learned that her husband is homosexual. When she confronted her husband about his unusual behavior, he did not dispute it. 

She was even more surprised to find that his gay lover was his best man at their wedding. 

Despite the fact that her husband has apologized and declared his everlasting love for her, she is perplexed by the finding and wishes to divorce him.

She is concerned, though, about their unborn kid, who would be born into a shattered family. 

She took to social media to seek people's opinions on the best course of action to take against her homosexual spouse, as she was unable to continue the marriage. 

What advice would you give to this woman?

Source: Ghpage.com

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