"I left Istanbul all for you, and you're cheating on me," a man says in a nightclub as he confronts his cheating lover. [Video]

After accosting his longtime fiancée cheating on him with a side male in a nightclub, a Nigerian big boy was moved to tears and left in pain. 

According to the tale in the video, he was dating and caring for the lady while hustling in Turkey, but she decided to break his heart after he flew to Nigeria to see her. 

The story goes on to say that the said lady informed him that her mother was severely ill, prompting him to pay N500k for hospital bills and give her one of his Benzes to drive her to the hospital, but when he tried to call her after she had left, she didn't pick up his call for hours.

So he decided to follow his car to see if she was okay, only for the tracker to bring him down to a popular nightclub, where he patiently waited for his serious girlfriend to emerge with her side partner, who was driving the N500k and the Benz. 

The sidekick even approached him, but the man became enraged and seized the lady's phone and Benz from her.

Source: GhBase.com

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