“I prayed for my father to die” – Afia Schwar reveals

Afia Schwar, an actress, has stated why she longed for her father's death when he was still alive. 

She was horrified by her father's grief and anguish, according to her, and dropped to her knees to beseech God to take his life. 

Afia Schwar stated she wished her father had died quietly so he wouldn't have to go through the misery he went through with Zionfelix. 

"We were all hoping to God to come for my father in January," said the family. Oh, the anguish that my father was through. The soreness was not relieved by morphine. Analgesics are not available. 

"There was no effective medication." My father couldn't speak, eat, or drink anything. What was he doing there, lying down? Suffering!” 

Afia Schwar also stated that, contrary to public perceptions that she did not properly mourn her late father due to her public demeanor during his funeral, she decided how to grieve her father. 

"My father was crying and lying down," says the narrator. He was well aware that his life was coming to an end. I wept for my father before he died. And I'm still grieving over my father's death. But I'm also trying to live in my children's best interests." 

"I can't cry at work since I'm at my desk." People don't seem to realize that I work in the social media industry. I cry, wash my face, and then return to making videos." 

Afia Schwar explained in the same interview how long she has been weeping and crying over her father's illness, the suffering she has endured, and how long her father's death would haunt her. 

"I'm not complaining about the public." I'm grieving my father, because grieving a parent has no time limit. Most people are unaware that, at the time of my father's death, I was on the point of losing my mind. My father was diagnosed with cancer, which I was aware of. 

"Then, in September, I went on a trip, and when I got back, it looked like I'd been gone for 12 years." The doctors advised us that the drug we needed was no longer available when we got at the hospital. From then till January, I cried."

Source: GhPage.com

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