In Akatsi, two people were killed in a clash between police and youngsters.

Two people are said to have died when a youth protest in Akatsi, Volta Region, became violent. 

According to reports, the young have recently been protesting police brutality in the municipality. 

They claim that police brutality resulted in the death of one Etornam last month. 

The enraged youngsters reportedly gathered at the police station to demand the return of a motorcycle confiscated by the Akatsi police on Friday night after the officers allegedly ran down three people riding a motorcycle with their riot van near the Akatsi Training College, killing one of the riders. 

The incident resulted in a fight in which police allegedly fired shots at the youth, resulting in the deaths of two persons. 

"On Friday night, about 11 p.m., the police hit one of the youths with their car, and when they took him to the district hospital, he died." The teenagers went to the police station this morning to get the motorcycle, and the officers began fighting with them. Two of the guys who were transferred to Ho for treatment were shot." 

An eyewitness told Citi FM in Accra, "The police have sent several armoured cars and they are shooting in the town." 

Military personnel have been sent in to help preserve law and order and prevent the situation from deteriorating, according to another eyewitness.


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