In front of everyone, a guy collects all of the gifts he purchased for his girlfriend.

Why would you go on a date with another man when you already have a committed boyfriend? 

The moment a no-nonsense boyfriend stormed the restaurant to generate drama is captured in a video that is currently viral on the internet and has gotten outrage from most women. 

The unhappy boyfriend was apparently informed that his girlfriend was out on a date with another man. 

Despite the fact that many people were also present in the restaurant enjoying their meals, he hurriedly rushed to the location to retrieve the wig, slippers, and phone he had purchased for her. 

The lady attempted to be tough at first, but she was overwhelmed by the determined man. 

Many social media users have chastised the boyfriend for acting in an uncivilized manner, claiming that he should have waited for the lady to return home before addressing the situation.


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