It’s only a man with no brain that will marry a born one, I will never allow my brother to marry a woman with a child- Ghanaian lady causes stir (Watch)


As far as this lady in the film is concerned, born one women (single mothers) are worthless and deserving of neither affection nor a relationship, let alone marriage, from any guy. 

Her statement has astonished many internet users, given that she is a young lady who, like many other single mothers, may end herself in such a predicament through no fault of her own. 

The girl lambasted single mothers in the video we have, claiming that only guys with faulty brains will settle for them.

The anonymous girl questioned why men prefer single women in this day and age, claiming that even her rash brothers would never make the catastrophic error of dating a lady with a child. 

Apart from the avalanche of critiques and insults she would face as a result of her contentious stance, this is a debate that could last months. 

Meanwhile, some have ridiculed her childish claims, claiming that she is simply a toddler who has no idea what the future holds for her. 

Watch the video below to learn more.


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