Kwame Aplus Gives Kidney Health Advice To Young People To Help Them Live Longer.

Kwame Aplus, a controversial former singer turned politician, has decided to give guidance to young people on how to safeguard their kidneys. 

Many young individuals today lead unhealthy lives that endanger their health. The majority of them consume poor meals and exercise seldom, putting additional strain on their organs. 

According to a Facebook post by Kwame Aplus, young people need to start eating more fruits and vegetables. He even went so far as to advise some better items they should eat to stay healthy. 

He added, "Many young individuals who don't drink alcohol are being diagnosed with kidney illness." Let us begin to cherish our Ampesi with garden egg or kontomire stew, limit painkillers as much as possible, drink more sobolo, adm, okro with a little banku, abunuabunu, fish and vegetables, drink more water, get adequate rest, and remember to do your check-up – at least twice a year."


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