Man beats his wife to a pulp for looking through his phone on suspicion of cheating.

Maureen, a Nigerian woman who goes by the name of Maureen, has shared her predicament with the internet as she seeks guidance on her husband's savage attack. 

According to Maureen's story, her husband beat her for the rest of her life after learning that she had gone through his phone. 

Maureen claims she overheard a suspicious conversation on his phone and confronted him about it, prompting her husband to beat her viciously. 

Jane Diva, a blogger, shared Maureen's tale on Facebook, along with images of her horribly injured face and torso. 

She appears to be seeking guidance on whether to divorce or forgive her husband. 

"This is what my spouse did to me," she says. Because I challenged him about a chart I saw on his phone, I did nothing to him. Please suggest whether I should forgive him or divorce; I am exhausted."

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