Man Reveals Shocking Moment His Best Friend From Work Set Him Up To Lose His Job

A man took to Facebook to describe how his nefarious coworker nearly got him fired. 

His pal, he claims, hacked his email account and emailed a resignation letter to HR. He then removed the evidence, making it untraceable. 

He wrote, in his own words: 

After reading about the man who admitted to hiding his cousin's UK visa for 20 years. Made me remember one of my precious work place. And the need to be cautious with those who are close to you. 

As a result, this man, a close colleague, utilized my system to submit my resignation. What can trust not do? I'm not sure how careless I was, but what can trust not do? So, if there's any way I can be cautious, I can say that I was really cautious. No one comes close to utilizing my system. 

Everybody has one. 

This close colleague, after sending the mail, deleted it. I was the internal control person (no one dared touch my system because of the office I was holding). I then proceeded to remove the file and delete the email permanently. 

I was stunned when I was called to explain why I was retiring. I was asking HR whether she was certain of what she was saying and not making a mistake. I was trembling as she handed me the letter. 

One thing is certain: the words do not appear to be mine. It was an odd experience. 

The situation was escalated, and management was incensed that I had to lie. 

So, there was this IT guy who was accompanying us. Now he's in the United States. The gentleman inquired about the day and time the mail was received. He was perhaps the only one who believed me. You know, sometimes you just get a gut feeling that this individual is telling the truth, no matter how blatant the charges are. 

He then suggested that the CCTV system be examined. And they agreed to go ahead with it. And lo, the camera caught me walking out of my office, and this person followed suit four minutes later. 

I immediately remembered that when I was on call, I had moved to another office, leaving my close colleague in my office. 

He, it appears, was the one who sent the message. When questioned, he began pleading. 

Mehn! I was taken aback and found myself dumbfounded. 

This is a guy who we relocate around outside of work for various reasons. During the weekend, hook up. He pays me a visit, and I reciprocate. 

Since that day, Omo, I've realized that a man's true adversary is one of his own family members. 

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