Man Shares Videos as Car He Bought for his Wife Goes up in Flames Minutes after He Flaunted it Online

 A guy has resorted to social media to express his gratitude to God for saving him and his wife from a potentially fatal fire. 

This was mentioned by the man as he expressed surprise that a new car he purchased for his wife went up in flames just minutes after it was displayed on social media. He was astounded that the car was in such good shape when he bought it, and he blamed his adversaries for the fire. 

After his wife's new car went up in flames, a man identified as Muhammad Cluster insulted his opponents while thanking God for sparing his and his wife's lives. The new car caught fire 30 minutes after its purchase was announced on the social networking platform Facebook, according to Cluster. 

Cluster, who was taken aback, noted that the car was in fine condition when it was purchased and wondered why it had caught fire. 

When the incident occurred, Cluster said he and his wife were on their way to fuel the whip.

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