'My ex-husband secretly married another lady while he was still a pastor,' says gospel singer Agnes Opoku Agyemang.

Agnes Opoku Agyemang, a veteran gospel singer, has made an unexpected confession regarding her husband's marriage to another woman while they were still married. 

In an appearance on Joy Prime, she stated that she had kept the marriage together because she felt he would change as a result of his church pastoral responsibilities. 

Despite the problems, I refused to divorce my ex-husband because I felt compelled by society to do so. "I was still married to him when I found out he had married another person," she explained. 

Despite the mistreatment she had undergone, she said she had received warnings from others during the early stages of her marriage, but she opted to stay with him out of fear of being ostracized. 

The word of God gave me the strength to stay in my married house despite all of the abuse; as a consequence of this strength, I was able to suffer all of the trials." "Most importantly, I had trust that God would lead my ex-husband, who is a preacher, to change," she continued. 

After divorcing her ex-husband, Pastor Cudjoe, in 2018, the 'Mensan Makyi' singer married in 2019.

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