Return the TV-Moment heartbroken man calls ex who dumped him to demand TV he gifted her, Watch

In a video, a disgruntled man who was recently abandoned by his girlfriend is shown calling the girl and demanding that he return the television set he bought for her. 

The man, who appeared befuddled and heartbroken, interrupted his meal and quickly phoned her on the phone, requesting that she bring him the television as soon as possible, but the lady became enraged and hung up on him. 

Focused on his task, the man took another phone, possibly his roommate's, and attempted to call the girl again, saying he had a colleague named Desmond who needed to go get the TV. 

"Fine, Mariam, you've broken up with me. Return the television set. Before the phone abruptly ended, he stated, "I won't say anything to you, the man who got you the..."


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