Sad moment woman probably using escalator stairs for the first time trips and somersaults after missing her step

When an elderly woman, who was most likely utilizing an elevator for the first time, tripped and somersaulted when she failed to take her initial step onto the apparatus, she tripped and somersaulted. 

The unidentified woman appeared anxious as she walked up the automatic stairwell while being followed by another woman. 

Before anyone could figure out what she wanted to accomplish, she was sprawled on the floor, with another stranger attempting to assist her. 

One of the sales workers from the big store rushed to her aid after the incident, which may have occurred in a large mall. 

A video showing a man of God ascending gracefully to heaven during an intense prayer session has been circulated on the internet, according to 

The nameless pastor was surrounded by church members in the video we acquired from Van De Maestro's Instagram page, and before anyone could say something, he began ascending to heaven with the help of a thick rope tied to his upper body close to his neck. 

Some people believe the video was based on the Biblical ascension of Jesus Christ to heaven following his resurrection, while others believe it was a theatre. 

Others are adamant that it is real, which adds even another layer of religious nonsense to the mix. After watching the fascinating footage below, 


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