The court has ruled that children should have both parents' surnames.

The Constitutional Court of Italy has declared that children should be given both of their parents' surnames at birth. 

The verdict on Wednesday overturns a long-standing Italian tradition of naming all newborns after their father. 

The court found that the historical tradition is "discriminatory and damaging to the child's identity," and that the surname should be chosen by both parents. 

It went on to say that Italian children will still be entitled to have a single surname provided their mother and father agree. 

Italy's parliament is expected to pass new legislation in response to the court's decision. 

"This matter has dragged on from one parliamentary term to the next; now is the time to make a decision," said Renate Gebhard, president of the South Tyrolean People's Party (SVP). 

"It is now up to Parliament to take this step forward in terms of civilisation," Democratic Party MP Laura Boldrini remarked. 

"Parents have equal responsibilities and rights; there is no longer any discrimination against women and children." 

Elena Bonetti, Italy's Family Minister, stated on Facebook that the government would completely support the new law. 

"We need to provide substance [to the decision], and doing so is a high priority and urgent work of politics," she wrote, adding that both parents should share responsibility for their children's development. 

Source: EuroNews

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