The majority of marriage conflicts are caused by wedding debt, according to Rev. Eastwood Anaba.

Rev. Eastwood Anaba, the founder of Eastwood Anaba Ministries, argues that present marriage troubles are the result of debt incurred as a result of lavish weddings. 

He says that young people see marriage as a ritual rather than a personal tie. 

This causes a schism between the couple as they work to repay their debt, which could take years. 

Eastwood Anaba believes that a strong friendship is more valuable than money when it comes to marriage. 

The Preacher pointed out that there is no need in the Bible that you have a 24 carat gold ring and a bridal gown before marrying. 

As a result, he counseled individuals not to overspend and become in debt after their weddings. 

Don't put off marrying till you have enough money. Some of you are squandering your time by marrying while you wait for money. You're not even married. Marriage is more like a partnership than a ring. If you can't afford 24 carat gold for your wedding, go for copper that looks like gold. 

"It's pointless to get 24 gold and then own 24 karats." The ring is not a symbol of marriage. Show me where in the Bible it states you have to wear a bridal gown, have a gold ring, and cut a high cake to marry. Many things are debatable. There are a few things I'm not sure how to do. He told his audience, "I can't bless a wedding since I've never done it." 

To give an example, the Preacher stated that he spoke in church on his wedding day, then healed the sick before his marriage was sanctified. 

"That day, I spoke, and then I laid hands on the sick and prayed for them, and then I put on my coat, and my wife was likewise dressed in a skirt suit, and they welcomed us forward to pray for and bless our marriage." A wedding will be very expensive. What method will you use to pay? It will exacerbate marital discord."


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