Thieves fell asleep immediately after stealing from an elderly woman

After burglarizing a residence and stealing belongings belonging to an elderly woman, two robbers went into a deep slumber. 

After collected their treasure (stolen stuff), the two robbers slept tight on the spot and were ready to flee the house. 

The two robbers were apprehended after the woman reported their strange sleeping habits to authorities, according to the story. 

The incident in Hamanskraal, Pretoria, South Africa, has sparked nationwide outrage. 

On social media, the video and photographs have gone viral. 

Many people believe the old lady used her charm to get the two young robbers to sleep on the spot. 

A tweep from South Africa wrote: 

"In my culture, this muthi is known as "Nyangomba," and even when the doors are open, the burglars can't find a way out until they fall asleep. When a thug enters your yard, this muthi can make him stop moving." 

The two were subsequently arrested by the police.

Watch the video below:


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