Tv and TikTok are now available to Deeper Life members – Kumuyi, a pastor, declares

According to Deeper Christian Life Ministry General Superintendent Pastor William Kumuyi, church leaders have changed their minds about employing technology such as television, radio, and social media. 

To keep members away from worldly temptations, the church first prohibited the use of television and other new technology. 

However, Kumuyi claimed in a Facebook video that because "wicked persons" are using technology to achieve their goals, the church must "wake up" and embrace the same technology for the sake of the Gospel. 

He claimed that after learning of the anti-gospel effort through technology, a paradigm shift was required. 

"Why are you the last to use all these tools that people use to make the world worse," the old priest observed. 

We're going to use all the evildoers have at their disposal to spread the gospel. Turn your no into a yes. 

"People invent new ways to commit evil." These are the latter days, and wickedness is on the rise as people turn to technology to propagate their evil. To spread their evil, they use phones, social media, connections, Zoom, and other means. 

"How about you, Satan's emissaries? Are you growing and using new technologies?" You'll make use of what's available, which includes not only messengers of evil but also messengers of kindness. You will, as well. 

"The church was sound asleep. When it initially started, people couldn't comprehend how voices could emerge from a radio, so the church said, "No, we can't use radio; there's something supernatural, demonic, voice coming out of a mere gadget?" There will be no church. Then there was radio. The congregation awoke. 

They took it as a sign from God if they saw someone on TV acting in a play or doing something else. The church initially refused to use it, but they eventually woke up and now do. 

Because God's message reaches everyone, we're seeing (technology) used to spread the gospel. We will be wiser than the rest of the world. We will be awoken by the Lord. 

The pastor has since changed his mind about a number of technological issues. He used a private plane and a limousine for a crusade in September 2021. 

When the plane arrived, some people said, "We are not going to use the plane," and they were traveling on horseback, according to the change-loving Kumuyi. 'God gave us legs, so why are we riding bicycles?' they questioned. 

"They said, 'God has given us the land; He has not given us the space, thus all those who fly are worldly and will perish in hell.' But now that the jet has quieted them down, they can fly anywhere they want."


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