Watch a woman tell her story about how she married her brother and had three children with him.

In a new documentary shared by Afrimax, a woman who had an incestuous relationship with her biological brother and even gave birth to three children with him shares her story. 

Mukandamage Domitilla, the woman, said she had no idea the man was her blood brother because they were separated at birth. 

Years later, she found out after some relatives paid them a visit and imparted the news to them. 

"I married my own blood brother," she says. People tease us, claiming we have abn0rmal children and are involved in an incestuous relationship. 

We got together in town. He was someone I had never met before. When I spotted him, I was working as a housemaid. We fell in love and began living together, eventually having three children. 

We later discovered we had the same mother and father. We made a blunder, but it was too late to repair the error. 

We discovered out when relatives came to visit and informed us that we were related. I became perplexed and began to hide from others. 

What my spouse did after we found the truth was incredible. I was completely taken aback by his reaction. He was fine with anything we did. 

Despite the difficulties, I had to move out of the house and relocate with my three children after being subjected to a lot of bullying."


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