A boy loses limbs following an acid attack by a teacher for allegedly stealing his bicycle.

A 14-year-old boy who was accused of stealing a bicycle lost his left forearm and right foot after battery acid was poured on them. 

Ibrahim Salifu, a teacher at Nalerigu Senior High School who is known as "Fire-fire," is said to have done it. 

Because the acid had done so much damage to the two limbs, doctors at the Nalerigu Baptist Medical Centre had to cut them off. 

People say that the boy was riding his bike around looking for scraps when he found a bunch of empty tomato cans and decided to take them with him. 

The victim's father, Gideon Wunduwa, told Elliasu Tanko that his son didn't have a carrier on the back of his bicycle, so he parked it and took another one with a carrier that was parked in front of a house without the owner's permission. 

"He took another bike from the house so he could go sell the scraps and then come back. 

So he left the bike there and went to sell the cans. When he came back, the man was there and told him that he had stolen a bike. 

Gideon Wunduwa says that his son tried to explain why he swapped the bikes, but the man didn't listen. 

He said that his son was tied to a wooden bench and hit with sticks for hours before the acid was poured on him. 

"The man tied him up and got some help. They put a piece of wood on top of two water drums, tied his hands and feet together, and hung him while rolling and whipping him. So, he told them to be patient with him because he was in terrible pain, but they didn't listen," he said. 

Mr. Wunduwa went on to say that the attack happened in the afternoon, but the acid was thrown on him in the evening. 

"It happened at noon, but at 7 o'clock he told them to bring water for the battery. They brought it and put it on the boy's legs and hands." 

After they beat the boy until he was unconscious, they dumped him in a bush. 

He was saved, though, and taken quickly to the Nalerigu Baptist Medical Centre in the northeast. 

Later, the police arrested the bad guy, Ibrahim Salifu, so he could be brought to justice. However, the Nalerigu Traditional authorities helped get him released. 

Mr. Wunduwa told Joy News that he doesn't like how the Police are handling the situation. 

He said that the way the police are looking into the case doesn't look good, and he wants the public to help him get justice for his son.

Source: myeverydaynews

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