A fishing boat sank between Elmina and Sekondi. The captain's body was found and 11 people are still missing.

The body of a fishing vessel skipper who went missing between Elmina and Sekondi-Takoradi has been recovered. 

The Ghana Navy rescued fifteen people onboard the ship, including four Chinese nationals and eleven Ghanaians, and brought them onshore. 

However, 11 other people are missing, including a Fisheries Commission observer who was onboard. 

The MV Comforter, which was about the size of a 50-seater bus, sank between Elmina and Sekondi-sea Takoradi's waters. 

According to reports, there were 26 people on board. Five Chinese nationals and twenty Ghanaians were among them. 

According to Shirley Asiedu Addo of Graphic Online from Cape Coast, the 11 people missing at sea are all Ghanaians. 

The ship sank in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 7, 2022, with everyone of the crew on board. 

Some of them were able to swim to the Menghxin 6 vessel, which was nearby. 

The crew was towing a net that was overflowing with fish. 

The crew had some trouble getting the net full of fish to the vessel, according to reports. 

It was raining strongly with thunderstorms around the same time. 

According to the survivors, the vessel lost her balance on one side and sank with the entire crew on board. 

The Ghana Navy later joined the rescue attempt, which began with the adjacent vessel Menghxin 6. 

The Navy has been searching the incident area for any other survivors. 

The body of the vessel's captain has been discovered thus far, but the observer on board has yet to be found.

Source: Graphic.com.gh

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