Africa's top ten happiest countries

Mauritius is the happiest country in Africa, according to the survey. Zimbabwe is the happiest country in Africa, despite its high poverty levels. 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network's 10th edition of the World Happiness Report employed statistical research to determine the world's happiest countries. The survey assesses 146 countries based on their overall happiness and highlights the happiest and unhappiest countries. 

"The World Happiness Report is revolutionizing the way we talk about progress and happiness. It provides essential glimpses of how people feel about the general quality of their lives around the world "In a statement, Christopher Barrington-Leigh, a professor at McGill University in Quebec and a researcher on the project, said 

Africa is the world's unhappiest region, with a regional score of 4.5. Because of its relatively high income levels, Mauritius remains the happiest country in the area. Zimbabwe, on the other hand, remains the happiest country in the area, despite its poverty. In 2021, around 6.1 million people were living in poverty on a global scale. 

Africa's top ten happiest countries 

Mauritius was ranked first in Africa in the Gallup World Poll, with an overall score of 6.071 out of ten, "well ahead" of all other countries. Mauritius was designated as a High-Income country in July 2020, however due to the global pandemic, it was demoted to Upper-Middle-Income status in 2021. 

The top ten countries, together with their scores: 

Mauritius - 6.071

Libya - 5.330 

Ivory Coast - 5.235

South Africa - 5.194

Gambia - 5.164 

Algeria - 5.122 

Liberia - 5.122 

Congo - 5.075 

Morocco - 5.060 

Mozambique - 5.048

The African countries with the least happiness 

The following are the bottom ten countries, along with their scores: 

According to the rankings, Zimbabwe was the unhappiest country in Africa, with a score of 2.995. 

Zimbabwe - 2.995

Rwanda - 3.268 

Botswana - 3.471

Lesotho - 3.512 

Sierra Leone - 3.574

Tanzania - 3.502

Malawi - 3.750 

Zambia - 3.760 

Togo - 4.112 

Mauritania - 4.152 

What about the countries of Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya? 

Nigeria may not be in the top ten, but it's not far behind, placing 118th globally and 21st in Africa with a score of 4.552, just ahead of Ghana (4.872) but below Kenya (4.543).


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