After spending over $50,000 to have his pregnant wife give birth abroad, he finds the kid isn't his.

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In the most gruesome way possible, a man has detailed how he discovered his wife's cheating. 

The distressed guy, wishing to provide the greatest life for his wife and baby, obtained a visa for his expectant wife to have their child delivered in Europe or perhaps America, but was disappointed to learn that the child was fathered by someone else. 

The anecdote was shared on Facebook by someone who claims to be close to the couple. He claimed that the father paid N3 million (about $50,000) for the baby to be delivered abroad, but he had the shock of his life. 

The tale can be found below; 

He spent up to 3 million naira to send his wife abroad so that she could give birth safely and their child would have dual citizenship. 

Thankfully, the wife gave birth safely and returned to Nigeria. When oga asked for the child's birth certificate two months earlier, she was posting him and making irrelevant explanations. When oga searched her box a month ago, he discovered his daughter's birth certificate. 

Surprisingly, the lady gave the child a different surname. oga sensed there was an issue right away. He ran a DNA test right away, and the results were negative. 

He is not the child's biological father. On the birth certificate, the lady uses the surname of the real father. Right now, Oga is in ruins. 

That's almost 3.5 million naira gone. Meanwhile, last year, this woman posted their wedding photos on Facebook with the caption "I marry my best friend." 

Oga dialed my number and asked, "Osazee, what shall I do?"


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