After surviving a gas explosion, a woman shares before and after pictures.

With jaw-dropping transformation images showcasing her recovery progress, a young gorgeous woman and gas explosion survivor has ignited a social media frenzy. 

Shuribby took to Twitter to share a side-by-side photo of the aftermath of the fire and her incredible change over the course of six months. 

The photographs plainly displayed the damage in her upper torso as a result of the late-last-year tragedy. 

She captioned the photographs, "November 2nd 2021 – May 2nd 2022," outlining the timeline for her full recovery. 

"Omg what happened?" enquired another Twitter user, @Oprahkayy. 

"I survived a gas explosion at home," Shuri stated, adding that she used "honey, aloe Vera, vitamin c serum, jergens super healing, clean & clear morning burst" to speed up the healing process. 

Some Twitter users questioned Shuri's story, claiming that her recuperation from a gas explosion could not be as flawless as she appears in her current photo. 

Nwemel: By the way, if this was you in March, and you had this occurrence in November, it took only 4 months for you to recover from a fire with clear skin. This recovery speed is unattainable unless you are Spider-Man, Deadpool, or Clout-Man. 

Regha, Daniel: Shuri, I doubt you were in a fire because it's impossible to heal this quickly unless you had plastic surgery, which I doubt; By the way, you uploaded a photo of yourself "a few weeks ago with clear skin," which contradicts your latest tweet. This appears to be a burn makeup. 

Others, meanwhile, have come to Shuri's defense, offering their own personal experiences with comparable fires:


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