Another man will use money to take her - Netizens Reply When it comes to dating, Jessica Opare advises men not to give women money.

Jessica Opare Saforo, a well-known media personality, explains why it's a bad idea for men to give money to women they're dating.

According to the former Citi FM hostess, guys who give their partners money on a regular basis or rely on it to establish their relationships will eventually fail. "The worst thing a man can give his lover is money," she added. 

People may believe that giving their partner money ensures their partner's loyalty, love, and happiness in the relationship, but this is not the case. If you've built your entire relationship around money as the solution to everything, and you have a disagreement, the next thing you do is give her money to go shopping and purchase her favorite thing, you're actually harming your relationship because money cannot solve everything. 

"Life is about more than money." Money is wonderful, good, and makes a lot of things simpler, but it is not the answer to every problem," she explained. 

Some men and women who disagree with her have responded by saying that males who refuse to give money to their ladies make it easier for other men to steal them.


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