As her lover's wife returns, a side girl jumps from the 4th floor

A young woman suspected of being a side chick was caught jumping out of a window to avoid her lover's wife's fury. 

The side chick jumped out the window and fell on the roof of a car in a widely shared video. 

According to accounts, the woman jumped from the apartment's fourth-floor window after her lover's wife unexpectedly returned home. 

The lady was clearly in discomfort, as she was observed clutching her back and struggling to exit the vehicle. 

Some internet users have made amusing remarks regarding the video. Read the following comments: 

"Damn.. dat is so sad," iam lordfizze remarked. Instead of committing herself, she should have fought her way through. "Damn.. her body is going to hear me?" 

"Better to get caught sleeping with someone else's husband than to break your back/waist jumping out of a building, that harm is permanent," stephen o.a said. 


"????" said ozil.jnr. 

Unless operation oo, this one de3?" 

"Waaa look at this garbage," obaa paa sika said. So, if you died, it was a foolish death???????????? 

"After that, u must also repair the car," nana kofi_ boamah remarked. 

"The spinal cord don't break o," said Simoneoz.


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