Four inmates break out of jail while singing praises and worship songs.

Four criminal suspects were placed in lawful custody at a police station in Ghana's Upper East Region. To elude arrest, all four defendants pretended to be singing praises and worship, ostensibly to distract officers on duty. They were able to break free by removing a block from the bathroom cell wall where they were being held on remand. 

The Ghana Police Service in the Upper East Region has launched a manhunt for four inmates who escaped from prison while pretending to perform praise and worship songs. According to accounts, the four accused were on detention in the Talensi District for defilement and other offences. 

According to a report published on Ghanaweb, while on duty at the charge office, the officers on duty – Sergeant Lariba Abilba, Constable Kichekpa Ju Napoleon Banu, and Constable Ntiamoah Elizabeth – heard the cell inmates Fawas Musah, a juvenile remand prisoner, Francis Dabang, a suspect in a defilement case, and Kwojo Dinaya, another suspect in a stealing 

The cell grew silent after a while, and when one of the police went to investigate it, she discovered that the inmates had taken a block from the cell wall in the lavatory. A manhunt has been initiated to find the four suspects who escaped lawful custody, according to the article. 

In addition, an armed guard who collapsed following the incident is claimed to be seeking care at the Tongo District hospital.


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