Gunmen assassinate soldiers on their way to their wedding, ripping off their heads and private parts.

Nigeria's already high level of insecurity has just gotten worse after a pair of soldiers were brutally murdered on their way to their wedding. 

According to the news initially posted by Linda Ikeji blog, the unidentified gunmen then decapitated them in Imo State. 

A gunman confessed to killing the couple and two people, according to a chat intercepted by LIB. Soldiers have been killing innocent people, he claims, and he has "eaten these ones" in retaliation.

The couple was also beheaded, according to a military source, and their private parts were disfigured. 

Lib goes on to say that the Master Warrant Officer was forced to resign before his death in order to marry the female junior officer who was also killed.

See how Nigerians reacted after hearing the awful news: 

Nnaemeka Opara: 

The method in which these victims were slain was heinous. 

It appears to be a private matter. Killing and beheading someone, as well as stripping them of their clothes. They would be shot to death if it was simply a fight between UGM and them. It needs to be looked into properly. 

Pst Godson Onyebuchi: We are not praying for all of the evil that is occurring around us; this is an act of wickedness; everyone should be aware that God's judgment awaits everyone, regardless of who they are; no one has the right to take the life of any human being created by God, regardless of what they are doing. 

Favor Titus: Regardless of what others think or say. We are still unable to function without the presence of military. Let's put an end to the killing. We should confront those who issue instructions in the country, not those who carry them out.


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