I almost died after taking tramadol to get Vim to approach a lady." — A man recalls

I was on the verge of passing out after taking tramadol to get vim to approach a lady" - Man recalls. 

In 2020, a man revealed a frightening story about how he almost used tramadol to get the 'Vim' to approach the lady he was crushing on. 

The whole story began when the man in question admired the lovely young lady from afar. His body was weak, despite his spirit's desire to take a leap of faith. 

"I noticed the girl and began adoring her, and I was eager to speak with her because the work is just for 30 days, and I will most likely not see her again after that." 

"However, if I try to approach her, I feel like I'm too low to obtain her." In an interview with MyJoyOnline.com on Friday, he said, "I think I didn't value myself." 

As a result, Kojo confided in his pal. His companion initially suggested that he approach the girl while inebriated. He, however, declined. 

The pal advised tramadol to increase his confidence once more. After some thought, the young kid agreed to the plan and bought the medicine. 

"I didn't inform my pal I was buying the drug, but I did so without his knowledge." I took the medicine right before I was supposed to go to work the next day. He says, "I didn't know how it worked, so I took as many as I could." 

What transpired next was not at all what Kojo had planned. 

"I went to work, but I couldn't stay for more than an hour." I began acting erratically, insulting people here and there. When I returned home, I went straight to my room. It was almost 9:00 a.m., and I had been sleeping for two days straight." 

People had to break into Kojo's room to help him out because he was partially unconscious during the period. 

"We were fortunate to have a nurse in our home. Before I was transferred to the hospital, he came and offered me some medications." 

"I was hospitalized for two weeks, and it wasn't pleasant." I was half-dead at the time. "In the hospital, my eyes awakened," he recounts. 

Kojo determined to man up and approach Efua as he should once he had fully recovered. 

"I tried but failed to ask the girl out. "I was defeated twice." 

But the situation taught Kojo a valuable lesson. He has subsequently promised not to take any medication without first consulting a doctor. 

"People would have said I died of a drug overdose, but I would have died because of a girl," he finished sarcastically.

Source: Adomonline.com

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